Serry Nico (Kerry ann best friends) and Merry Vallez (Lola and Esteban Mother)

Murder WeaponEdit

Laser Pointer 


Esteban Vallez.


  • Esteban Vallez (Lola Brother and Merry son) +++++
  • Zack Holden (Lola Best Friends) + - +++
  • Kerry Ann Buxton (Hank Buxton Wife)-++++
  • David Jones  -++-+
  • Hank Buxton +++--
  • Lola Vallez  -----

Killer ProfileEdit

  • The killer drinks coffee.
  • The killer wears contact lenses.
  • The killer drinks wine.
  • The killer takes medication.
  • The Killer Asthma.

Next Case: Üniversity Murder

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