Liam Oakley: <Rank> <Name>, a young woman was found dead on New York City. We must inspect the crime scene in order to find clues.

Chapter 1Edit

Investigate New York City.
(Before investigating)
(Liam Oakley: There are 6 items in the list below. Find those items hidden within the scene and click on them. Begin with the newspaper!)
(Liam: Great! When you need help, I can give you a hint. Try it now!)
(Liam: There are 4 items remaining in the list, find them all!)
(After investigating)
Liam: The victim's name was Therese Maron. We need to get her body to the lab for an autopsy.
Liam (praising): This bloody knife is our murder weapon! Congratulations <Rank>, you're doing great on your first investigation!

(Liam: Here's your Tablet! This is where you pick up your next action.)
(Liam: Click here to go to the Lab!)

Autopsy Victim's Body.
(Before autopsy)
(Liam: Please wait a moment <Rank>, this won't be long...)
(After autopsy)
Liam (thinking): I studied the wound on the victim's neck, and I can tell you for sure that the killer is right-handed.
Liam (gleefully): <Rank> <Name>, I've added this info to your case file.

Investigate New York Boat
Liam: Some torn jacket. Put them back together at once!

Examine Torn Jacket
Liam: This must mean out killer has brown hair!

Before arresting the killer
Liam: <Rank> <Name>, let's arrest the killer now!
Take care of the killer now!
(Liam: <Rank>, we have 2 suspects in this case. You must compare their profiles in order to find the killer!)
(Liam: Click on the first suspect to switch to detailed view!)
(Liam: As you can see, this one has a lot in common with the killer...)
(Liam: Let's have a look at the second suspect!)
(Liam: Do you think this one might be the killer?)
(Liam: Get back to the general view!)
(Liam: Your turn <Rank>! Arrest the suspect matching the killer's profile!)

(If Johnny Hart is arrested)
(Liam: The suspect doesn't match the killer's profile. Try again!)

(If Harold Maron is arrested)

Arrest Killer Edit

Liam: Good Job <Rank> <Name>, you best killer.
Liam: I think it's time for you to get a real Police Officer suit!

(Choose your police uniform!)

Liam: Great choice of clothes, <Rank> <Name>! You're now all set to start a new case!

At the Societiet Port
Liam: I will take your boat Goodbye <Rank> <Name>. See you tomorrow!
Anne: HEY TOO!