Jimmy Herrera
Biographical information
Full name Jimmy Herrera
Alias(es) Jimmy Danny Herrera
Gender Male
Status Decease
Age 43
Birth 1868
Death 1911
Cause of death Burned to Death
Nationality American
Residence Societeit
Profession(s) Unkwown
Family Anne Isabella Byron (Grandchild)†

Dania Byron (Grandchild)†
Andrea Herrera (Grandchild)
Three unnamed Sons
Annabel Herrera (Daughter)
5 Unnamed Grandchildren
Oliver Herrera (Son)†

Societeit Airship Squad
Game information
Appears in Societeit
First appeared On the Door is Fire
Jimmy Herrera was the Commissioner of the Societeit airship squad. He was also a suspect in the murder of his grandchild, Anne Isabella Byron, and appeared as a Quaui-Suspect in "On the Door is Fire"

Case Events Edit

On the Door is Fire Edit

Jimmy appeared when Patricia was annoyed and upset that they couldn't get his cousin, however he became a Quasi-suspect after the team found out that him and Natalie Green used to be friends and later the team had to tell him about the gang's hideout.

Case Appeared Edit

A First of Murder (Case #1 of Societeit; mentioned)
Death on Burn! (Case #2 of Societeit; Mentioned)
On the Door is Fire (Case #3 of Societeit)
Oh No this War (Case #6 of Societeit)
Mold Out (Case #14 of Societeit; Mentioned)
The Word of Holy Week! (Case #16 of Societeit; Mentioned)
Has Burning in Yourself (Case #17 of Societeit; Victim)
Kill Police (Case #18 of Societeit; Mentioned)
Sticks and Gallery (Case #19 of Societeit; Mentioned)