Plot (Case 61) Edit


The victim was Trish Colletti, an 18 year old girl murdered after serving only 2-and-a-half-years of her life sentence. Vanessa Carter was angry at Trish for killing her daughter, Jennifer, and was not satisfied by Trish being in prison, and decided to take justice upon herself. Vanessa claimed to be visiting Trish when she entered the prison late at night. When no guards or prison staff were watching, Vanessa excused herself to her car to go and get a sledgehammer which she had bought earlier that day. Vanessa then managed to sneak back in without being caught, and walk to Trish's cell, where both she and her cellmate, Alice August, were asleep. Vanessa relentlessly pounded at Trish's skull, creating many fractures, casing the bone to cave in, killing her in a gruesome death.

Vanessa was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the first degree murder of Trish Colletti.

Victim Edit

Trish Colletti

Weapon Edit


Killer Edit

Vanessa Carter

Suspects Edit

Vanessa Carter-Jennifer's Mother

Rylee Carter- Jennifer's sister

Raoul Colletti- Victim's Father

Alice August-Victim's Cellmate

Valentine Montgomery-Inmate

Clues Edit

The killer is 5'6

The Killer is a woman

The killer has blue eyes

The Killer is an A+ Blood type

Killer Profile-0

The killer's shoe size is 9.5

Suspect profiles Edit

Alice August Edit

  • The suspect is 5'4
  • The suspect's blood type is A+
  • The suspect's shoe size is 8.5

Valentine Montgomery Edit

  • The suspect is 5'6
  • The suspect is a B+ blood type
  • The suspect's shoe size is 9.5

Vanessa Carter Edit

  • The suspect is 5'6
  • The suspect is an A+ blood type
  • The suspect's shoe size is 9.5

Rylee Carter Edit

  • The suspect is 5'6
  • The suspect is an AB- blood type
  • The suspect's shoe size is 9.5

Raoul Colletti Edit

  • The suspect is 6'0
  • The suspect is an O+ blood type
  • The suspect's shoes are size 10

Gallery Edit


Alice August


Valentine Montgomery


Vanessa Carter


Rylee Carter


Raoul Colletti

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