Easy Enjoyed (Case 4) this district named Danvile for city of Jackron Bay made by Koyos456

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim named is James Victory.


James Victory (Found there lose with head to headless)

Murder WeaponEdit



Phineas Flynn (Engineer)=

  • The killer song made is "Arcade Usefully"

Rebecca Franchise (Bank)=

  • The killer song made is "Arcade Usefully
  • The killer speak France

Isabella Garcia Shapiro (Worker)=

  • The killer speak France

Ken Vaseyorg-Marnie Biologist

  • Not Avalible yet

Odette Palmov-Russia Girl

  • Not available yet

Killer ProfileEdit

  • The killer song made is Arcade Usefully
  • The killer speak France
  • The killer is goth

Crime SceneEdit

  1. Jackron Bay's Tower
  2. Phineas's home
  3. Danvile Shop
  4. Backyard


Chapter 1Edit

  • Investigate Jackron Bay's tower (Avalible at first;Clue:Victim's body,Pop Radio)
  • Autopsy Victim's body (4:00:00;New Suspect:Phineas Flynn;Attribute:The killer song made is "Arcade Usefully"
  • Ask Phineas about victim
  • Examine Pop Radio (Result:Arcade Usefully Song)
  • Processing Arcade Usefully Song (10:00:00;New Crime Scene:Phineas's home)
  • Investigate Phineas's home (Clue:Sofa)
  • Examine Sofa (Result:Monkey's head)
  • Analyze Monkey's head (New Suspect:Rebecca Franchise and Isabella Garcia Shapiro)
  • Ask Rebecca to you are monkey!
  • Ask Isabella
  • Go to Next Chapter 2 (Chapter 2 is avalible)

Chapter 2Edit

  • Investigate Danville Shop (Avalible at Chapter 2;Clue:Bunny,Trash Can)
  • Processing Bunny (New Suspect:Ken Vaseyorg)
  • Give Ken Vaseyorg to bunny
  • Examine Trash Can (Result:Tin)
  • Examine Tin (Result:Cola)
  • Analyze Cola (3:00:00) (Attribute:The killer is goth;New Crime Scene:Backyard)
  • Investigate Backyard (Clue:Baseball Bat,Deadline Poster)
  • Examine Baseball Bat (New Suspect:Odette Palmov)
  • Ask Odette you are gangster!
  • Examine Deadline Poster (Result:Godzilla in Scaric City)
  • Call Ken about godzila in Scaric City also known of New Salem!
  • Go to next Chapter 3