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Eddison:Good morning,are you lost.....oh you're the new recruit. I am Eddison Hills but you can call me Eddy.

Chief Bel:Pardon the introductions.....I am Chief Bel.....there has been a wierd event in the district's Backstreets says a witness.I want you two to investigate right away.

Eddison:You heard what she said,let's get going.

Investigate BackstreetEdit

Before Investigating:Edit

Gran:Hello Officer,I was the one who called.

Eddison:Okay ma'am,we would like to have a word with you shortly.

After Investigating:Edit

Eddison:Oh my,it's Elena Patrikov,daughter of the CEO of the Patrikov Power Corp

Eddison:It looks like she had been stabbed through the heart.

Eddison:You're right,lets send the body to Trisha.

Eddison:Oh, and also,let's talk to the witness.

Ask Gran what she sawEdit

Gran:I saw it all through my window, I saw the killer stabbing Elena.

Gran:Poor girl,how I wish I could pity her.

Gran:She had been making noise making me restless.

Gran:All I could remember from the murder was that the person was wearing a golden brooch

After talking to Gran:Edit

Eddison:So our killer is wearing a gold brooch,I list it down.