• Amazingflint

    so the idea is tell this website to our friends and hope they do it!

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  • ElloItsDunna

    Techspire Hills

    June 6, 2015 by ElloItsDunna

    If I am allowed to work on Techspire Hills the 1 or 3 or more cases will be written here P.S I first planned on time village but my main hobby is computering

    First case: Blue Screen Of Death     Second case: The Horror

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  • ArchClasher Jimmy

    Good day guys! Today, I am going to reveal bits of the plot of my fanon.

    Lenard Bryce, a 28 year old police officer, recruited the player in joining the police force, so he could help him realize what his destiny is, but upon realizing that the Chief is not yet available, they opted themselves to attend the grand opening of the MacCartney Water Park. Instead of enjoying the grand opening, they just saw themselves in pressure as they need to find the killer of the water park owner. But after through the investigation, they were able to find the killer of the owner. Upon seeing the player's great performance, he fully introduced himself and the others to him.

    As they progress through the Metropolis District, they met Wayne Milkovich, a powerfu…

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  • *DestinyDevonneBieber*


    December 25, 2014 by *DestinyDevonneBieber*

    Wow Good Wiki I Want Admin

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  • Koyos456

    Danville Case Name

    August 14, 2014 by Koyos456

    Danville Case name

    • Particully Storage
    • Death by Racing
    • Truly Adventure
    • Easy Enjoyed
    • Block Intelligent Yourself

    Coming soon on Creepypasta Mountain Case Name

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  • Kopmatikbaşkanı-

    Case Could you write?

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